Friday, 13 May 2011

Pumice Stone For Hair Removal

What is a pumice stone? What is the purpose of a pumice stone? A pumice stone is a frothy lava which has hardened and taken the form of a porous rock. Because of the natural texture, it is able to remove dry skin and hair from your body.

When you rub the pumice stone on your skin, either dry or wet, friction is created. In the process, heat is produced. The amount of heat, thus produced is sufficient to destroy the hair follicles. The hair strands wear off easily without producing much irritation. Thus, the regular usage of pumice stone proves to be of immense assistance in the removal of hair and the retardation of the rate of hair growth. Let's learn more on pumice stone for hair removal.

How to Use Pumice Stone For Hair Removal

You can safely use the pumice stone all over your body except the face. Pumice stone for facial hair removal is never recommended. Since it is an abrasive, you are supposed to use it carefully, preferably as recommended here in this paragraph. To learn how to use pumice stone for hair removal, take the legs for example.

You can rub the pumice stone on dry legs but you would get better results if you use it on wet legs. Soak your legs in lukewarm water for about 5 minutes. Also, soak the pumice stone in this water. Take your right leg out and apply body shampoo or a mild soap on it. Take out the pumice stone and rub it on the skin in small circular motion. Do it very gently or you may end up with scratches on your skin. You may use a little rough motion on the parts where dry skin deposits are present. Keep rubbing in this manner for 1-2 minutes. Wash the leg thoroughly with plain water. Take the left leg out and perform the given steps on using pumice stone for hair removal on it. Here's more on pumice stone for feet.

Pumice stone tends to remove natural oils from your skin, thus, results in drying up of it. Secondly, rubbing with pumice stone exfoliates the skin, and thus, makes it more sensitive to sunlight. In order to protect your skin from dryness and sunrays, you should take some precautionary measures. Every time you clean your legs, or any part of your body, with a pumice stone, moisturize the skin well. Go for the one with a sun protection formula (SPF). Such a skin cream will solve the dual purpose of moisturizing as well as protecting the skin from harmful rays present in the sunlight.

Hair loss due to pumice stone is not visible instantly. You will take a certain period of time to notice hair removal or deceleration of hair growth. The period of time depends upon your skin type and the nature of hair. Ideally, you should use the pumice stone once in three days to reduce the occurrence of any kind of negative effect on your skin such as irritation and excessive exfoliation.

Benefits of Pumice Stone For Hair Removal

There are numerous benefits of using pumice stone for hair removal. First of all, a pumice stone is not only easily available but also it comes at cheap prices in the market. On top of it, a single pumice stone lasts for as many as 6 months. The pumice use for hair removal allows you to have complete privacy and great comfort. Rubbing the skin with pumice stone is essentially painless. To add to these points, it is a natural method for hair removal and has no known serious side effect when used in the proper and directed way.

By going through the present article, you must have come to know that a pumice stone is a necessary part of your beauty kit. You should always carry it wherever you go. The regular and proper usage of pumice stone will not get you rid of unwanted hair but will also impart you a cleaner, softer, smoother and healthier skin. Hope, the present article on 'pumice stone for hair removal' helps you to bring some improvements to your skin care regimen.


  1. does the pumice stone permatley remove un-wanted hair?

  2. plz give us complete steps for hair removal and will it be effective using with sandal powder

  3. yes pumice stone permanently removes hair which is unwanted

  4. Yes it removes permanently but the rashes hurt .....

  5. hi
    But I read in articles that pumice stone removes hair temporarily?
    which is correct???

  6. Yeh it's remove permanent ;)